Monday, August 27, 2012

Ballena o Tiburon (Whale or Shark)

A few funny moments we experienced over the last few days:

1)  While swimming, Papi was swimming towards Angie and she said "Watch out, there is a whale coming" :) This was an example of child innocence and had nothing to do with Papi's body build :) Papi prefers Tiburon...  Now every time Papi swims towards the kids they yell, "Ahhhh Tiburon!"

2)  After getting into the pool for the first time, Angie asked "Where is the shampoo?"  We had to explain that shampoo was for baths, not for the pool.

3)  We were talking to Angie about her new family name, not only did she know her new last name, she told Papi he was pronouncing it wrong when he repeated it for her reaffirmation!  Evidently 43 years of living with his last name isn't long enough for him to figure out how to pronounce it :)

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