Sunday, August 19, 2012

En El Dorado

It's been a while since the last time I was in Bogota, and it is the first time I have seen the the "cordilleras" from the air in daylight. Those are the three branches of the Andes that come to an end at a point. We saw a volcano, not sure which one, steaming north, pretty cool. Landscape is beautiful, green with lots of mountains !  Smooth landing. City is supposed to be in the 60s but we are sweating here in the airport.  We are waiting for our connection flight in front of the Airports McDonalds, best spot to get free McDonalds wifi!  The Airport wifi did not work for us. We chatted with Ele and now Ardy is checking the Nats scores. We shared a huge carne asada with a plantain (sweet one). Ardy enjoyed the local beer and really enjoyed the Carne, it does taste different here. Our connection flight is in two hours, so Ardy is doing FaceBook, tweets, etc. Not very hungry, but we are both very tired.  Tomorrow is our first meeting with the agency people in Pereira for our ICBF interview (Tuesday) and the encuentro with our children :) on Wednesday!
We are sooo excited :)
Update: Actually going to our gate (Sala Nacional) was a better move. The AC is better :) and less crowded. Here at the BBC in the Sala Nacional. There is a Subway (sandwiches) too. You have to do security again, 4 people in line. Definitely Sunday was a good pick to travel as I thought :)

BBC at the Sala Nacional where gates for local connections are located.

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