Monday, August 27, 2012

Bonding Meeting

Today was our bonding meeting with ICBF.  The meetings intent is to check in on the kids AND the parents to make sure bonding has occurred, the kids are OK, and that the parents don't have any outstanding needs.  ICBF also makes recommendations if there are any obvious problems.  Our main problem is mosquitoes and the fact that both Mami y Papi caught a cold from the young ones :)  We took so much time packing for the kids that we forgot to pack cold medicine for us!  Everyone told us we would get sick, or the kids would get sick in the first week, this proved to be true.

Our paperwork will be submitted to the courts on Wednesday, then we hope and pray for sentencia!  Until then, we are allowed to start venturing out as a family to go to the mall, the zoo, or any other local attractions we want to visit.  

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