Monday, August 27, 2012

Hotel - Lessons Learned

Something that we really didn't think about, but should have, is finding the right hotel to host us and the kids for up to 4 weeks.  After 5 days with the kids, we now realize how lucky we are to have ended up at the hotel we are currently staying in.  It has 7 rooms, and some very patient people running it that understand we are going through an adoption process.  I can't imagine being in a "standard" hotel, and I am not even sure a "standard" hotel would have hosted us for that many days.

Also, having meals prepared for us, our laundry done, a driver/facilitator, and a swimming pool have taken a lot of pressure off of us as parents and allowed us to concentrate on bonding/raising our kids.  Even more important is the wonderful support structure that is around us!  Rosario and Nata are amazing hosts and truly enjoy helping adoptive parents.  These amenities may seem excessive, but try becoming a parent of two kids in one afternoon :)

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