Saturday, September 1, 2012

Good news - Bad news - Wait, Good news

The good news is, we love our kids!  They are familia Llewellyn without a doubt.  The bad news, Angie has become harder to handle than Cristian.  He is younger, he is predictable.  He gets mad when he doesn't get his way with Mami or Papi, if he is mad at Mami, he goes to Papi for love and support.  If he is mad at Papi, he goes to Mami for love and support.  The bottom line, he stops crying within 2 minutes or less.  Angie on the other hand gives the silent treatment to both of us, even worse, the silent treatment has regressed to screaming like Cristian, but for 20 minutes a shot.  The good news is 20 minutes seems to be her maximum crying/screaming/stomping her feet time.

More good news, when Angie's meltdowns are over, she is able to say she is sorry, and explain what she did wrong and why she is sorry. Still it takes forever.

We keep being told that this is normal, and that this will end once we can establish a schedule for the kids.  We have also been told that establishing a schedule will be easier once we are home.  Therefore, we can't wait to go home.  That being said, our time in Colombia has been awesome!  Pereira is an awesome town, we enjoyed the country club today, the kids loved the 3 swimming pools.  On the way home, we watched some of the Cabalgata (fine horse parade).  The women of Pereira are almost as good looking as my beautiful wife Sarita :)  So, the good news, we are enjoyimg Colombia, the bad news, Angie has issues, the good news, we will be taking these wonderful kids home with us :)


  1. Really enjoying reading about your journey. My wife, who is from Pereira, and I are also a Gladney family waiting hear about a potential match. Your in a beautiful city enjoy! BTW if you had a bunch of duplicate comments I am very sorry I was having major computer issues the other day. Have you been up to Salento? I really like that city, very beautiful and quaint small town.

    1. Thanks for the comments, and good luck with your adoption process. We really have enjoyed staying in Pereira. We heard about Salento, but haven't gone there yet. We hear it is beautful there.