Thursday, September 13, 2012


Sentencia!  Sentencia!  Oh, did I mention Sentencia!  I went to the court today with our lawyer Lucy to see if the judge had signed sentencia, and he had!  This is a very big deal, it is the most important aspect of our adoption.  It means the kids are officially ours, legally ours, and irrevocably ours!  This is good because we can't imagine living without them.  Today, La Familia Llewellyn is for real!  Tomorrow we go for the kids' new birth certificates and their Colombian passports, then we travel to Bogota to get their TB tests and get their travel Visas.  Then, gasp, we get to go home!  We have loved our time in Colombia, but are so ready to go home.  We can't wait to get on a normal schedule, live in our house, and introduce our new kids to their new lives.   

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  1. Felicitaciones!!!! Estoy muy contenta por ustedes! Dios los bendiga! Congratulations! Ya quiero verlos y abrazarlos! Les quiere, Cristhy