Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Birth Certificates

This morning I went with Lucy to get the kids' new birth certificates...  We had already been to the registrar the night before and went back and forth between them and the court to resolve an issue with my last name.  Be warned, if Papi has a last name with a surname, in my case I am the third (III),  this is not something that is done in Colombia.  The registrar didn't know how to handle the surname, they wanted to put III on the kids' last name.  When I told them this doesn't make sense,  they said they had to make it match my passport which has the surname III on it.  We resolved this by getting a resolution from the judge stating that my name without the surname is valid and the kids don't need to have the surname included in their last names.  This was only possible because we had included with our paperwork a name verification form that stated the various legal versions of my name, one of which did not have the surname included.  This made it very easy for the judge to agree that both version of my name are valid and that the kids didn't need my surname. 

Lessons learned, if your name is John Baxter Jr., make sure to fill out a name verification form stating the various legal versions of your name.  Namely, John Baxter Jr. and John Baxter, otherwise you may end up with a daughter's name of Maria Baxter Jr :)  Not to mention the possible delay in getting your kids birth certificates.

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