Monday, September 10, 2012

The real test...

After several trips to shopping malls and grocery stores, we continue learning more about how the kids behave in public.  As you can guess, the first several trips are full of "I want this", "I want that", and various forms of child "melt-downs".  With two kids, usually one behaves perfectly and the other melts down when he/she doesn't get the gumball he/she wants (I never knew how many gumball machines there are in shopping malls).  The most important take away from these trips is that we as parents have learned how to deal with the melt-downs while in full public view.  After these "training" periods, we decided it was time for the "real test", can the kids actually sit through Mass on Sunday...  We took a taxi to a cathedral in downtown Pereira, a very beautiful cathedral with a wooden ceiling.  It was interesting to see the kids reaction as we walked into Mass.  We were a little late, the cathedral was packed, but the kids could tell it wasn't a place to  make noise.  They were very quiet and respectful.  To our amazement we made it through the rest of Mass and took some pictures afterwards.  I guess you can say, the kids passed the test!

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